Pigeon Breast Pump Donation Campaign for Needy Families

Dear mummies who are keen on breastfeeding and would need breastpump when you return to work yet unable to afford,

You might like to try apply for the Pigeon Breast Pump donation.

Eligibility Requirements
1. Recipient has to be employed
2. Recipient’s Total Gross Household Income does not exceed $2,500 per month
3. Recipient must be a Singaporean
4. Child of recipient must be 3 months and below

Supporting Documents
1. A copy of CPF Statement showing last 3 months’ contribution history OR Last 3 months payslip2. A copy of child’s Birth Certificate OR indication of expected delivery date in application form
Kindly complete and scan application form with supporting documents attached and e-mail to info@riseandshine-expo.com.

Pls go to the website Pigeon Breast Pump Donation Programme – Supermom Bazaar to download the forms. Do note that it is only eligible for the first 100 successful applicants who comply with the requirements and complete submission of application form with supporting documents.

Hope this will help!!