Hi mommies,

wanted to share with you all my personal experience with chronic insomnia which started 3mths post partum. My gal is now 20months. And I hadn't had quality sleep for a long time. I seen a psychiatrist last year but all I get was bags of anti depressant and anti histamine to time my mood and knock me out to sleep. It affected me so badly. My quality of life is almost zero. I get all the dizziness and headaches because of lack of sleep. I sees a Chinese doc but to no avail. I try to work myself out untill I'm physically tired but it did not knocked me out to sleep. The doctors bag of med only made me felt more depressed and worthless as it makes me feel I have a problem. This crazy insomnia drove me to a point where I decided to seek natural remedies to see if this can help. I applied YL lavender oil on my foot every nite before sleep. To be honest I am skeptical at the begining as I have tried so many methods but all are useless. Wahhhlahhhh.... I went into slumberland in moments. And days after days, I managed to sleep. And I can kisses "insomnia" goodbye. I used them on my children before bed time. It calm their nerves an put them to a deeper and better sleep. This is impt as my son now is in P1 and being attentive is impt in class.
I know many mommies out there are also like me so I decided to share my experience. If you wanna know more I will definitely render my help.