Hi! I came across this weight loss boot camp program @ West Coast Park. My cousin is going for this program and that's how i came to know about this.
After attending for 1.5months, she lost about 2kg in weight, which i find amazing.
She was telling me that this program is useful for ladies who want to burn off unwanted body fats, especially around the waist area.
This program is very fun and usage of kettlebells, sandbags and battle rope can be expected in this program.
This program is for ALL fitness levels, as the program will be catered to the different fitness levels.

The reason why i'm sharing this here because it has helped my cousin lose weight and indirectly she have gain more self-confidence.
Just want more ladies out there get back into shape and start living healthy.

The trainer name is Kumar, you can contact him @ 96994189 for more info.