Most kids by nature like to play with water and they always look forward to pool time.

However, at times when they are having their swim class they just cry...why???

Firstly, from my personal experience, are they feeling unwell? if yes, please let them rest.
If no, are they feeling insecure due to change of pool condition and surrounding environment? For example, coach brings the kids to deep pool from medium pool the first time. This first time is very critical as first impression last. So, if the coach does not do enough familarisation to the new environment, the kids may have their shock of insecurity & caused them to cry & lost confidence. At this point of time, the onus is on the coach to reassure the kids & slow down the learning program until the kids regain their confidence.

Thus, there must be good reason when kids cry but we have to analyse them & send the right message to the kids.

I hope this sharing can help those crying kids to regain their love for swimming again