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Are you a Sporean?

This is a discussion on Are you a Sporean? within the Mummy Cafe forum, part of the Community Lounge category; If yes, we should do something before Budget 2012 is closed. I'm not trying to be racist or sow discord. ...

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    Are you a Sporean?

    If yes, we should do something before Budget 2012 is closed.

    I'm not trying to be racist or sow discord. We need justice, fairness and something more from our govt. I really agree govt not doing much for working mothers. What they thought they are offering is actually not hitting the right nail, so superficial!

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    Re: Are you a Sporean?

    oh dear, link doesn't work.

    Cut and Paste

    Budget 2012. Maybe you can submit to E-Poll | Your Say | REACH[[ssEPoll]]&pid=[[19]]

    or google reach.sg, click on budget 2012. Closing on 5 Feb 2012. Hurry!

    We paid so much of a live-in maid, above $1200 but we ended up with inexperienced errant maids, so unfair!! They dont't adhere to contract terms or what we highlighted during interviews - main duties.

    Indicate in your message, We, FDW's employers are seriously short-changed. Eg:

    1) Scape security bond and insurance binding employers
    This is the main reason why many employers are unwilling to give their maids off days (afraid to bear unnecessary expenses). When maid runaway, get sick or hurt when not in employer’s house (eg while waiting for transfer at agency or off days), employer need to bear those unfair expenses.

    Get FDWs to buy own insurance. They job hop many times, insurance still in-force as long as they are working in Spore. Employers need not buy new insurance just because they hired transfer maids.

    Maids runaway or got hurt while at agencies, off days, no longer responsibilities of FDW's employers. No more unexpected medical costs or security bond tied onto our necks.

    Maid waiting for transfer should pay agency lodging fee, not from employers’ pockets.

    2) Repatriation and maid loan
    Maid loan should be settled by individual maid, same like Hong Kong. Agencies can’t blackmail or force employers to recycle bad maids to another employer, in order to keep pre-paid maid loan which amount to $3000. This is a big amount to many working adults (employers). We can't report bad maids to MOM or police!!

    dont’t let bad maids be recycled in Spore. Some maids ill-treated the children or elderly but CANNOT BE REPORTED as employers' pre-paid maid loans will be eaten by maid agencies. This is very unfair/unethical to Spore employers. We paid more than $1200 a month (insurance & bond, agency fee, lodging, salary, levy, etc). Why treat us, your citizens so poorly?

    Is this the quality that we deserve? Inexperienced, lousy or maids who can't even hit satisfactory performance level? Teach FDWs how to do housework, keep our house clean, manage our children but what did maids nowadays showed .... unwillingness to work well as a DOMESTIC helper(somebody had brainwashed maids to fly to Sg for holidays), craving for mobiles to chit-chat during working days, hiding or pretending they can't cope or 'dont't know how to do a task', thus, indirectly making employers to do their job ... we paid them yet we had to do housework ourselves! They can threaten to go back to agency at our inconvenience, what bargaining power or protection did Sg gov give us? Nothing! We're defenceless!

    If Sg gov want more babies in Spore, gov should help working women, not kept making us suffer, worry again and again. Their excuse in getting “foreign talents” to ‘make’ babies is incorrect. Not everybody can or want to send their children to childcare centres.

    Let bad maids be repatriated at their own expenses. dont't give FDWs who can't perform to satisfactory level, a chance to earn a free tickets home. Scape maid loan so that FDWs who are here to enjoy life (simply not having mindset to work as FDW), ill-treated our beloved ones, stolen or hurt somebody... be repatriated at their own costs, with no strings tied to our necks/pockets.

    NO more recycling of bad maids. Let bad maids be reported to MOM, blacklisted or have criminal records. Ban them.

    Maid should know how much is her loan at home country, settled in own country before flying over.... just like HK maids. dont’t let maids be fooled by maid agencies and point wrong fingers at employers!

    We need to highlight our problems so send to above link.
    We need more funding or more levy subsidy
    or a way to channel existing levy to maid as bonus for completion of 2 year contract. Discourage job hop. Make the salary look more. We paid for their levy, insurance, lodging and food, etc .... maybe employers put these amounts into their monthly salary so maids take OWN $$ to pay for daily needs, so their eyes can see better, know how much we actually paid for them. Instead of we, employers pay, next time, FDWs pay themselves and see how much left as take home pay. Let them regret and be sorry for not appreciating us.

    We need our gov to treat us fairly. We are also human, how can we be treated less equally and less human when compared to maids? They are like protected species while we're being sponged and bullied again and again. Those who had not hired maids in recent months or years won't know how much problems we're facing.

    How I wish we're back to olden days, maids are good helpers, truly in Sg to work and lighten our loads, not time-bombs or money waster. Olden days FDWs are more problem-free Sigh!

    3) Infant care subsidy - too costly, $1000/month.

    4) Employment - too many foreigners. They're holding S pass and earning $3000 and above per month. Citizens are lowly paid

    Date: 01/02/2012 Source: mypaper
    "MOM's estimates showed that the number of foreigners working here, excluding foreign domestic workers, grew by 79,800 last year, a 47 per cent increase from the growth of 54,400 in 2010.

    The ministry said that foreign hires grew "in response to strong manpower demand".

    However, employment growth for Singaporeans and permanent residents fell from 56,200 in 2010 to 36,600 last year. MOM said this was due to most economically active residents already being employed and slower resident-population growth."

    already employed?
    slower resident-population growth?

    As a person handling a bit of recruitment, I know this is not true.
    I have lots of S pass colleagues relaxing and enjoying a great office job. Some on-time go home, some busy socialising, some surfing net (not working) while Locals slogging.

    5) Dental - more funding. Eg crowning, root canal, wisdom tooth extraction super costly

    6) Transport - mrt service down, inconvenience caused to us but we're not compensated. LTA fined smrt but what do we get? No free ride, nothing!

    7) Dependent care leave for those with special needs children, silblings or parents"

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