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How can you effectively get rid of the urine smell [and the bacteria] on the mattress of your baby and children?

Do you know that many children including adults can contract Asthma due to dust mites, and it is one of the most deadly parasitic bugs in many countries?

How can you ensure that their mattress and the home environment is free of dust mites, bacteria and virus?

Stop wasting your money, time, efforts and electricity using those expensive water-dry vacuum to fight a losing battle on Dust Mites.

N-Shield Nanosilver Antimicrobial Solution not only kills >650 bacillus and prevents them from growing, it can also treats and heals infections and wounds.

You can find out all about Dust Mites, and how to protect your family (including your pets) from dust mites, other harmful bacteria, virus, fleas, ticks etc.. You can go here to find out more :: Qoo10 - N-Shield nanosilver antimicrobial (AM) solution protects your family a... : Bedding & Rugs &...