I dont't know about you but I find myself struggling to find the perfect diaper bag that fits all occasions. I know there a lot of moms who have tons of totes/bags before having kids but couldn't fit all diapering stuff into normal totes because of the lack of compartment space.

.... that's until ToteSavvy came along.

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Tote-Savvy is the modern alternative to a diaper bag by combining the inner lining of a traditional diaper bag with your own handbag collection.
Keeps all 11 pockets upright and easily accessible inside the handbag with a patent pending design. Able to hold everything you need will ever need for an outing for baby.
Total convenience when changing bags because Tote-Savvy allows you to just transfer everything you need in less than a minute.

(how I wish someone told me about this sooner than later! I resorted to using a backpack!)

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