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Article: The Lonely World of Infertility

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    Article: The Lonely World of Infertility

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    Re: Article: The Lonely World of Infertility

    I feel sad to hear that more people nowadays are having problem to conceives or had miscarriage in their history. I do understand because i had this experience of difficulty in conceiving a baby for the last few years. For me, i was consider lucky as finally i was able to conceived and delivered two baby girls (twins) after several years of trying and with the help of IVF. However, my advise to parents out there is to be strong and always give your encouragement and supports to your spouse. Never give hope!

    Few months ago, i saw a testimonial from my sister-in law that a loving couple from Taiwan was married for 4 years and can't have baby because the wife have lump in her womb. They went to see many doctors but does not help much. Then, she was introduced a super antioxidant fruit blend called Reserve. She tried and consumed Reserve for 3 months and finally able to conceived and delivered a healthy baby. You might want to refer to the below picture (written in chinese).

    I am not sure how much this Reserve will help you, but if there is a chance, there is no harm to try it out. Besides, this fruit blend is good for general health. Not to worry, as myself and my family have been taking this product with great benefits. In order to support the family, i am now selling this product to earn extra family income. Do let me know if you need any information. :-)

    For description and benefits of consuming Reserve:

    Picture of the couple and their baby:
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