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Article: Supply issues during breastfeeding

This is a discussion on Article: Supply issues during breastfeeding within the vBCms Comments forum, part of the category; You can view the page at http://www.mummysg.com/forums/conten...-breastfeeding...

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    Article: Supply issues during breastfeeding

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    To add to the tandem pumping, I managed to try it when I was building up my milk bank before heading back to full-time work. Eva was around 8-9 mths at the time. It is different than pumping without her latching on - in a good way. Tandem pumping is often more effective because of the letdown that occurs at the same time when a baby latches on. Often some mummies will leak but imagine pumping during a letdown. If you're lucky, you can get two letdowns in one session, something I also experienced only with tandem pumping. This is useful for those with babies who only take the main course (read: feed from one boob) and/or wish to store up their milk banks.

    But like you mentioned, this only works if your kiddo isn't distracted by the pump - those with silent "wireless" pumps might just find this easy to do.

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    Just wondering.. can we try to pump as soon as we give birth, Am giving birth to my 2nd child and I had unsuccessful breastfeeding session with my firstborn. My firstborn was unable to latch on despite several attempts, as my nippled didnt pop out. Even the lactation consultation at the the hospital i gave birth.. give up and walk away after several attempts of pinching and squeezing out my nipples. At that time, I was so depressed. And to make it worse.. my supplies only comes five days after I gave birth.

    And now, am going to give birth again in August and am well prepared with the all the breastfeeding equipment, hoping i can pump exclusively if i cant latch directly.

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