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Article: Is It True That Subsequent Birth Are Always Easier?

This is a discussion on Article: Is It True That Subsequent Birth Are Always Easier? within the vBCms Comments forum, part of the category; You can view the page at http://www.mummysg.com/forums/conten...-Always-Easier...

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    Article: Is It True That Subsequent Birth Are Always Easier?

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    Re: Article: Is It True That Subsequent Birth Are Always Easier?

    I'm new here. Read your experience. I thought so that 3rd delivery would be easy. I too had my 3rd child but didn't expect it would be so fast.

    My Doc. told me that the each pregnancy is different and it will get easier with each one and process of birthing will be faster when I was pregnant with my 3rd.

    Finally the D day was approaching. We were excited and eager to see our princess after 2 princes. On my last antenatal visit to my doc. which was 4 days before my due date.there isn't any prominent symptom any so he gave me another last appointment which is 2 day pass my due date. He told me that if I am not due by then I would need to be induced. So we when back and happily doing my CNY shopping at Chinatown. Everyday I was busy shopping until on my due date I was still working in my office as there's nothing happening! So I planned to shop again the next day.

    I work up in the morning happily as I planned. As i was preparing to send the boys to the childcare I had a to go to the bathroom, so my hubby had to send the boys. About 15 mins later, I had another urge to go to the bathroom and nothing's out. I went in and out of the bathroom 3 to 4 times with nothing out. I went back to my room and couldn't come out as I had terrible pain that seems never ending. I call my hubby to come back fast as I was sitting helplessly on the floor in pain. He called the doc asst. before rushing to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital I was being wheel to the labour ward I was frantically asking for epidural, not knowing that the process was so fast. The nurse ask me to push after 3-5 pushes approximately 15 mins my girl was born.

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