Many women are quite anxious while deciding to undergo breast reduction surgery. Women with over sized breast often ask the question of ‘how to reduce breast size’. The best answer for this question is breast reduction surgery which is a dependable cosmetic surgical procedure done under guidance of expert cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai.

Breasts are considered as a major sexual characteristic of a human body and almost every woman is concerned about their breasts. Breasts define women in our society and they’re also a part of a woman’s self satisfaction and image. So, you need to understand that long term satisfaction from breast reduction surgery largely depends on your expectations and how well the surgery is performed.

Breast reduction surgery which called as Mammoplasty is no doubt the best answer to the question ‘how to reduce breast size’. The breast surgery is done by removing skin, fat, flesh or muscles from the chest area. Using various contouring techniques, breast surgery can also deliver firmer, perkier and younger breast. Even the nipples can be repositioned to the desired area on the boobs to increase the beauty of a woman’s breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is becoming quite popular as more and more women are opting for this breast surgery to increase enhance their looks. Here are some points that you can consider before this cosmetic surgical procedure:

Age: With aging, breasts start sagging, losing the firmer and tighter look. Due to gravity, the muscles eventually become weak and fail to retain or support boobs, resulting in drooping and flattening.

Body Type: Every woman has a different type of body type, style and personality. So, breast reduction surgery may have different effects on two different women. For example, if two women undergo the same breast surgery then their satisfaction level from the results is directly affected by their height, weight, body structure, personality and the expectations from the surgery.

Pregnancy: during the course of pregnancy, an average woman may gain around 10 to 25 kilograms of weight. The weight is considered normal during pregnancy, but excessive fat built-up in the boobs can be a cause of concern.

Post Pregnancy: After the childbirth, breasts loose the volume gained during pregnancy. Due to this the boobs become droopier with discoloration and stretch marks.

Weight: It’s recommended that women who are overweight should first make an effort to lose the excess weight and then undergo breast reduction surgery to get the best results and satisfaction from the breast surgery.

You can say that the breast reduction surgery is the best answer for the question ‘how to reduce breast size’.