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every woman's bestfriend - F-Essence

This is a discussion on every woman's bestfriend - F-Essence within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Introduction: F-Essence is specially formulated to keep women in the pink of health and to give them the rosy supple ...

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    every woman's bestfriend - F-Essence

    F-Essence is specially formulated to keep women in the pink of health and to give them the rosy supple complexion that they have always longed for. The concoction of precious Chinese herbs like radix angelicae sinensis, resina draconis, rhizome dioscoreae, radix astragali seu hedyari and colla corii asini make F-Essence a true tonic that can preserve a woman's youth and beautify her complexion.

    Why Do I Need F-Essence?
    Many female problems and illnesses arise because the modern women of today lead hectic and busy lives that leave no time for them to take good care of themselves. Lack of exercise, stress and a fast pace of life can put a toll on a woman's health. Furthermore, overworking and improper diet can have adverse effects on the physiological functions of the body's organs and systems. This will eventually lead to the deficiency of qi (vitality) and blood.
    Formulated with Chinese herbs and tonic, F-Essence can help to solve many female problems by regulating their flow of qi and blood. The mild formula nourishes and strengthens the body from inside out and regular consumption promises to grant you vitality and a good complexion.

    How Does F-Essence Work?
    Resina Draconis Daemonorops (RDD) has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine since 1,500 years ago. It is a precious herb that is believed to treat blood disorders. According to modern medical research and clinical studies, the active substances in this herb have shown to do the following:

    • Improve blood circulation
    • Increase the volume of blood in the coronary
    • Reduce blood viscosity
    • Improve oxygen supply to tissues
    • Prevent cardiovascular diseases

    What are some of the benefits of F-Essence?
    • Improve cold hands and feet
    • Reduce pigmentation
    • Nourishes the hair
    • Improve quality of sleep
    • Improves complexion

    On top of that, it also helps ease common female ailments like irregular menstrual cycle, muscle aches, pain of the waist and knee, dizziness, lack of strength, cold limbs, paleness, abdominal sores, cramps and postpartum weakness. These are often the symptoms of the body's qi and blood deficiency. Qi and blood are the most essential components of the human body. They make sure that the body's physiological activities, organs and systems are in good working order. F-Essence is a potent tonic formula that can nourish the body's qi and blood to improve its overall wellbeing.

    RDD also has the ability to strengthen immunity and prevent chronic illnesses like cancer. This is because of the herb's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties as well as anti-cancer substances.

    RDD is also commonly used for treating menstrual problems, dysmenorrhea, amenorrheal, hemorrhagic, abnormal vaginal bleeding after delivery, inflammation of the uterus and other gynecological problems because of its ability to regulate blood circulation, aid metabolism and improve immunity. RDD is in fact regarded as the best women's medicine.

    To improve one's health - 1 capsule a day (taken at night)
    To ease menstrual cycle - 1 capsule a day (taken at night)
    Start taking after menstrual period. Stop consumption for a few days during menstrual period.

    A bottle of 60 capsules - Retail price $120 (as seen at guardian)
    However, I'm able to get it for $110 per bottle.

    Interested parties can PM me or contact me at 91723145

    Advertised on LianHe Wanbao on 01 July 2011.
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