Very unfortunate to a colik who was in her early 40s, heard she might have stroke in the bath in the morning but no one was home. By the time her family found her, it was too late.

All along I had been an great advocate of TRA because i have slimmed down using it, and have seen many people improved their health after the program. But I failed to share it with this colik coz I didn't see the urgency. Now I know it could happened to anyone, young and old alike.

Fats in our body exceeding the healthy level can cause low level inflammation and thus supressing our immune system. As a result, we are more prone to getting sick often and takes longer to recover each time. Visceral fats, the hidden fats surrounding our internal organs and blood vessels is the silent killer, tends to lead to stroke, heart disease, high blood/cholesterol and diabetes II. This type of fats accumulates mainly at the belly. Heart disease and stroke is the number one killer in developed countries.

If you want to know how TRA can help improve your health or loose the fats, PM me.