Pls read on the health benefits from drinking noni.
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Working Principle: Supplementing the human body
with Xeronine--> activate immune system--> detect abnormal conditions in
body-->capture toxin and detoxification--> repair damaged

Noni leaven contains very rich Xeronine, which will activate the
body's immune system, giving start to the self healing function of the body and stimulating metabolism function of normal cells.

Ingredients of Noni
leaven: 100% pure natural Noni fruit leaven(no artificial addictives or
preservatives). Each 50ml of Noni contains 1250 calories, 0.025gm protein,
0.285gm carbohydrates and 0.725gm Sodium.

Taste: Sour, not sweet. You can mix it with fruit juices to make it taste

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