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Health Screening

This is a discussion on Health Screening within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Anyone here goes for regular health screenings? How often? Am thinking of going for one, but with so many packages, ...

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    Nov 2007
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    Health Screening

    Anyone here goes for regular health screenings? How often?

    Am thinking of going for one, but with so many packages, not sure which to choose ... also quite expensive, some! Hope mummies here can share some tips:

    Where you go for health screening?
    HOw often?
    What are the tests done?
    How much can I expect to pay?


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    Feb 2010
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    Smile Re: Health Screening

    i'm new here. feeling so excited! =)

    what kind of health screening are you referring to? the very elaborated kind done at hospitals? or the short and simple kind that can allow you to know about your general health?

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    Jul 2010
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    Re: Health Screening

    Hi, My friend just intro me to health screening at $138... which usual price ranging from $200 to $350. plus one-to-one report analysis...

    Detail screening includes:
    - Full Blood Count
    - Diabetic Screen
    - Kidney Function Screen
    - Joint Screen (Gout)
    - Lipid Screen
    - Liver Function Screen
    - Hepatitis Screen
    - Thyroid Screen
    - Tumour Markers (Very expensive)
    - STD Screen
    - Urinalysis

    If you interested in screening, do pm me for more details...

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    Jun 2011
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    Re: Health Screening

    Personally must find out more what are the specific stuff you r keen to find out for. If not, might be a waste of resources if doing something thats not to your needs. Hav tried one previously. Its able to identify your body conditions in terms of fats distribtion, fluid diagnois, muscle level, minerals, body balance and more.. Price very reasonable. =)

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    Jul 2007
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    Re: Health Screening

    IF you want to do a visceral fat and antioxidant level scan, I can help you. Just $10

    visceral fats surrounds our heart, resulting to heart disease due to faster wear and tear as the heart needs to work harder. It also slowly deposits in our blood stream, resulting to high blood, high cholesterol, and stroke. This health scan is able to test out the fats level even before it shows in the blood test. When appearing on the blood test, it means damage already been done.

    So prevention is better than cure.

    PM me for details

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