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Ever heard of Deer placenta?

Deer has been revered for centuries as the most majestic, regal and vital of all animals, and deer parts have been used for over 2000 years as health promoting medicines. As far back as the Qing Dynasty in China it was said :
“ Emperor drinks deer blood; Empress eats deer placenta”.
And famous beauties Wu Ze Tian, Empress Xiao Zhuang and Dowager Ci Xi all ate deer placenta for anti-ageing and beauty.
Now the most advanced technological medical research is uncovering that the reason for this magical medicinal power of deer placenta is due to the effects of its special nutrients on the body’s adult stem cell and immune systems. Our stem cells are our body’s repair and rejuvenation system. They are new, undifferentiated cells that travel to all tissues in the body repairing and replacing old cells, restoring youthful cells and regenerating old tissues.
Now, through I-DNA technology we bring together the ancient majestic knowledge of deer medicine with the latest medical stem cell research to present to you I-DNA Deer Placenta Soft Gel Capsules – exclusive technology from the
New Zealand deer industry.


10 Advantages

of Deer Placenta

  1. Improves skin texture, radiance and tenderness.
  2. Enhances skin rejuvenation and reduces scars.
  3. Promotes burning of body fats.
  4. Helps relieve body fatigue, improves body fitness and stamina.
  5. Moistens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
  6. Improves the blood circulation.
  7. Reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, spots and melanin sedimentation.
  8. Strengthens body immune system.
  9. Regulates and adjusts menstrual cycle, reduces the pain of menstrual colic and climacteric symptoms.
  10. Eliminates the unwanted substances in the body and improves digestive system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is I-DNA Deer Placenta?

I-DNA Deer Placenta is an advanced Living Cell Therapy that uses Freeze-Drying Technology that is capable to preserve the living cells bioactivity for 3 to 5 years. Placenta could stimulate the formation of cells, regeneration of body cells, repair and restoration of the body tissues and organs, providing the daily need for energy.

Why do we need I-DNA Deer Placenta?

Human inherited the growth factor from mother’s placenta since birth until 18 to 24 years of age. The growth factor starts to decrease with age that the body mechanism and immune system would begin to deteriorate. I-DNA Deer Placenta would stimulate the restoration or replacement of aging cells and do the recoveries for the cells back to normal condition. These active cells can help the body to remain healthy and energetic.

What is the different between I-DNA Deer Placenta and other Placenta Injections?

Placenta injection has to be done under a medical supervision and it might lead to complications such as allergic shocks, Sapraemia, and the effect would diminish over a period of time. However, the consumption of I-DNA Deer Placenta does provide the effect of cell regeneration but without the needs of repeated injections.

How long does it take to monitor the effect of I-DNA Deer Placenta? Does it take a long period of time?

The feeling of changes will be experienced after two weeks of consumption. A continuous consumption of 3 to 6 months will have greater result and the effect will last longer. In order to have a persistence effect on stimulating the living cells, we would suggest that you be on a long-term consumption.

What if I am already taking supplements, is there any side effect?

I-DNA Deer Placenta is also a supplement that can help in rejuvenating your body and health and of course if necessary, you could take on other supplements if you wish.

Is the I-DNA Deer Placenta safe to be taken? Is there any risk in causing cancers?

I-DNA Deer Placenta is a safe and high quality products manufactured from a least polluted country. It is extracted from fresh essence of deer placenta. I-DNA Deer Placenta DOES NOT contain any hormone drugs and steroids that will lead to disease such as cancers and osteoporosis. It is a natural health supplement. However, some people may have different reaction and responses during initial stage of consuming the product. Please do not worry as it is just a repairing process only. IDNA is suitable and safe for long term consumption.

Which group of population needs I-DNA Deer Placenta?

Those who want to stay healthy, slow down the aging process / reversing aging, improving body immune system and protect against possible illness can consume I-DNA Deer Placenta.

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