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Interested to slim down via acupuncture. Any recommendation?

This is a discussion on Interested to slim down via acupuncture. Any recommendation? within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Hello, I am a customer at I- BeautyMedi Spa at AMK Blk 713. I’ve read a lot of reviews and ...

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    Re: Interested to slim down via acupuncture. Any recommendation?

    Hello, I am a customer at I- BeautyMedi Spa at AMK Blk 713.
    I’ve read a lot of reviews and havefound out negative reviews on them. If I will have seen all this reviews it save my heart pain for the $2,500 spent. For those who goggled I-Medi Spayou’re lucky you stumbled upon my post hence this post will prepare you for allsorts of nonsense, lost of $$ which you have to face there.
    I am writing this base on my Own personal experience and i do not represent i-medi Spa Pte Ltd in anyway and you may choose to or not to believe my words but i will like to share with all the ladies out there who may intend to sign up a programme with them.
    Regretfully, I have signed up for a15 sessions slimming package for the price of $2,500 at I-Beauty Medi Spa PL which guarantee a 5Kg lost in 3 weeks time.
    Here goes my personal experience.First, a brief 15mins consultation was conducted, basically exchange views onyour diet plan and ideal weight lost and of course $$$ paid. *Note:-During the consultation, they confirmed and gurantee that they will definitely lost atleast minimum 5kg in 3 weeks time. They also promised should they fail toaccomplish it they will give me follow-up f.o.c treatments untill i lose at least 5kg. As i am not more than 8kg overweight they even ensure me that 15sessions of Metabolite treatment is good enough for me.
    Next, a strict High Protein Zero FatDiet plan was given and it is very important you must follow it very strictly.Hence, for every single weight you gain even 100g (after drinking water) youwill be penalised and marked for not following the diet which i definitely did.There are reasons why the diet to me is not ideal. My experience during thefirst day were nausea, giddiness, constant hunger and lose of concentration by just taking cucumber throughout the day. Subsequently, high protein meals likehard boiled eggs, boiled skinless Chicken/Duck meat and tomato or 1 fruit onlyfor dinner. I would say not much of varieties for the diet plan kind of boring,strict and rigid. I followed the diet strictly lost about 1.5-2 kg initially which bounced back immediately (water lost only)when I stopped eating cucumber& drink water. During my recent health check, I realised that this dietresulted in my high cholesterol problem, (could be the daily intake ofeggs/duck meat i suspect) Urinal acid (due to too high protein in d diet) whichI have never encounter before. I was shocked and only to discover from my family doctor that it is dangerous and not recommendable to go on a high protein diet hence not everybody is suitable and it can cause health complications. Atleast, true for me in this case.
    Next, the treatment wasn’t apleasant one either. I was given Cupping treatment which claimed to heal, drainexcess fluids and toxins to loosen adhesion and bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin by creating the suction and negative pressure. I have only oneword to describe the treatment extremely very painful and leaving many ugly marks all over d body(see photos) as compared to the cupping therapy i did atJurong which is much more relaxing and mildly painful. Anyway, it is noteffective I didn’t lose much after the cupping therapy . Anyway,15 sessions of$2,500 doing cupping only is damn expensive i would say and worst not effectivefor my weight lost. Btw, during the treatment, I have asked the staff whycupping when i signed up 15 sessions of Metabolite. (note:- when they docupping they deduct my metabolite treatment accordingly only 1 treatment making1 sesson of cupping at $140.00 compare to traditional chinese medicine only $40) and what are thebenefit of cupping no one can answer me professionally. I would say Poorknowledge is the impression given to me for I-Beauty Medi-Spa PL staff. Inconclusion, i did not lose much, weight bounce back very easily and protein diet makes my health condition worsen.
    For ladies, who are keen to loseweight or want to know more about their diet plan i am willing to provide you the original diet plan for reference if you want.(I think this diet isrisky like my doc said not recommendable for everyone) do not waste your hard earned money there please really not worth it. It is still exercise tomake slimming a successful one. Now, that I stop their diet and exercise regularly I feel great once again. I suspect the diet got problem hence thelady boss daughter has obvious hair loss?
    Conclusion,:- Highly not recommended for the poor management,(*daughter&mum not constant in their speech beforeand after sales service really sucks), lousy service, (*daughterconstantly on her H/P while talking to customers) hard selling (e.g: during 13 sessions if you didn't lose weight their will blame and stress you for extra $$ for additional package)and most important no business ethics.(*once,15 sessions is due they immediately want to close case and chase customer away forgetting totally d gurantee minimum 5kg lost and follow-up treatment uses unscrupulous tactics on customer). My most horrible and worst encounter i experience. Idecided not to report them to CASE hence hubby console me that with their way of doing business their business will not last long. "Ren Zai Zou Tian ZaiKan".
    My Lesson learnt in life heart stillbleeding/heart pain now going to i-medi spa i half "Sian" so even their will to give me free I will not risk my health condition and do the treatment again 100% not worth it please thick twice do not let your money go down the drain.

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    Re: Interested to slim down via acupuncture. Any recommendation?

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