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IONMAN (Transdermal Solution for joint wellness)

This is a discussion on IONMAN (Transdermal Solution for joint wellness) within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; IONMAN Transdermal Technology ~A Quality Joint Mobility Solution for joint wellness. Results show within few minutes. IONMAN is suitable for ...

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    Smile IONMAN (Transdermal Solution for joint wellness)

    IONMAN Transdermal Technology
    ~A Quality Joint Mobility Solution for joint wellness. Results show within few minutes.

    IONMAN is suitable for those who are suffering from joint problems, including Gout, pain, stiffness, discomfort and even immobility as well as those suffering from athletic joint injuries.
    However, anyone can use IONMAN for the prevention of cartilage erosion and for the maintenance of healthy joints.

    IONMAN Product Info

    Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics :

    Glucosamine sulphate stimulates the anabolic metabolism of osteo-cartilagineous tissues by stimulating the biosynthesis of the mucopolysaccharides (which atr the essential component of the cartilage ground substance).

    Glucosamine sulphate provides lubricant activity for the synovial fluid, it improves the synovial fluid viscosity and increases the synovial fluid production.

    Therefore Glucosamine Sulphate provides the therapeutic effects such as :

    ~Reduce articular pain.
    ~Improves the articular function
    ~Inhibits the articular degenerative process.

    Delivery Methodology :

    Transdermal Drug Delivery is defined as movement of substance (e.g. drugs) across stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) into systemic circulation (blood).

    In other words, it delivers active ingredients through the skin and directly to the desired area to achieve greater results.

    GS is a cream formulation comprising : water, Glucosamine Sulphate, a mixture of oils and wild yam extract with the proprietary Transdermal Technology.

    This unsurpassed combination enables Glucosamine Sulphate to be transmitted thru the skin directly into the blood steam thus managing the join pain from within in a holistic manner.

    Tests conducted both on animals & human studies have demonstrated that GS provides the body with a higher and sustained level of Glucosamine in the blood thus making it the safer alternative to oral consumption.

    Indication : Adjunctive therapy in join pain management.

    Precaution :

    IONMAN is a causal therapy and the therapeutic effect can be seen while keeping a constant apply.
    In case of intense pain, it is advisable to take anti-inflammatory drug in addition with IONMAN.

    Application :

    - Slight joint pain symptoms and maintenance of healthy joints :
    Apply twice a day onto affected area or as needed.

    - Moderate to Severe joint pain symptoms :
    4 hours once apply onto affected area.

    Recommended User :

    1. for rejuvenation of calcium loss in elderly people.
    2. to enhance bone support during pregnancy.
    3. to enhance development for sweet tooth addictions children.
    4. for use on sports injuries.
    5. for use on overweight bone rejuvenation or those suffer from high level urine acid.
    6. for back aches and pains causes by over work or restless.
    7. for long hours working on computers screen, that causes straining neck and upper back muscles.


    配方:SDS(Supreme Delivery Solution)

    SDS特殊技术,能把营养经过特殊微细处理,让营养形成最简化的液胶羽能量状态,同时载入90%以上的细胞 讯息,让涂在皮肤营养能直接《简化》分解,使细胞能在最短的时间内,吸收最完整的营养,也大大降低因《分解 》而造成的《自由基排放》。



    IONMAN 是一种针对性的护理方式,持续使用会有理想的效果。


    - 轻微关节酸痛和保养的使用方式:
    - 偏严重酸痛者,4小时1次,于需要的部位。

    1. 胶原蛋白流失的老年者
    2. 孕妇的骨架压力保养
    3. 发育中的儿童,尤其爱吃甜食者
    4. 各种运动伤害者,篮球,网球,足球,高尔夫球类等
    5. 体重过胖体重过胖关节保养,或因尿酸受苦者
    6. 过量工作,或睡眠品质不良,导致腰背痛者
    7. 长时间面对电脑电视,导致肩颈酸痛者

    Pls contact Niki Tan
    wechat: purewisdom
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