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JTS health supplements and beauty supplements

This is a discussion on JTS health supplements and beauty supplements within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Hi JTS I have share a thread on slimming supplements and now i am sharing my health supplements that i ...

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    JTS health supplements and beauty supplements

    Hi JTS

    I have share a thread on slimming supplements and now i am sharing my health supplements that i am on and some i have tried . I actually have not tried alot of health supplements only started to take about 1/2 a year prior pregnancy but do only taken collagen powder since 21 years of age.

    Usana : i have taken a few products from usana like Essentials( multi vitamins) and grapeseed extract ( beauty) together prior pregnancy not sure about effects on good looking skin but find that i do not get sick that often.
    i have topped up on calcium and fish oil during pregnancy . reason on taking usana after recommended by friends and read the whole book on comparing health supplements from usa.

    (* if interested pm me)

    Detox products:

    I have tried 2 types of detox products to me that works what i mean is its really cleared my bowels and am not sure if anyone is like me that sometimes you just feel constipated or is really constipated.

    1) chinese herbs : This is recommended by my mum and have taken for a long time, comes in pill forms which chinese herb powder enclose in capsule it really works for me but find that it work best to take after eating oily food.

    2)Cover 3 V6 (green): This is recommended by my sis in law, its also in powder form mix with cold water . its really nice to drink i always take once after dinner or before i go to bed to me its the same effect as the chinese herbs.

    ( *this is product website Unique-Bio can pm me if interested)

    Collagen powder

    Just sharing collagen powder and jelly that i have taken.

    Brand's collagen jelly : As stated is in jelly form , i got it free from a magazine lucky draw. its on the go and have fruity taste but not sure about effects.

    Meiji's collagen powder : I have taken this since 21 but sometimes i do forget to take now and thenand recently stopped using as trying products below, find that collagen powder are really good for joint care the recommended does is 1 scoop of powder to your drink or food but for my self sometimes i take 2 scoops for faster effect. It does have a slight fishy taste and need to mix with drinks or food and abit difficult to have it fully dissolve but it works.

    (* 2 product above can be easily found in guardian or watson in sg)

    Cover 3 very 6 ( pink) : again recommended by sis in law , seriously my family is crazy about products from this brand recently .To me it works the same as meiji but again it can be consume easily with just mixing with cold water and it mix thoroughly and it taste fruity. 1 to 2 sachets daily but i only take 1 daily.

    ( *this is product website Unique-Bio can pm me if interested)

    My product review on supplements please share yours on my thread, thanks.

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    Re: JTS health supplements and beauty supplements

    I have one more question if I followed this tips means what are the benefits I will get?

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