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JTS : slimming supplements

This is a discussion on JTS : slimming supplements within the Slimming, Health and Body forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Hi JTS, I believe that alot of people like me had tried tons and tons of products before finding the ...

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    JTS : slimming supplements

    Hi JTS,

    I believe that alot of people like me had tried tons and tons of products before finding the one that suits them. Here are all the products that i have tried and some that i am still on.

    For slimming i have tried the following:

    TRA (Nu skin): I have tried TRA prior wedding to me its a great product that works as i am really lazy in exercising so i just took the program and no exercising at all even though i have lost only 3 kg (from 56 to 53) but mostly was fats and i really do look slim(especially thigh and buttocks trust me, mine is real huge) which was just the thing for me to look good at wedding and there was no rebound till i got pregnant. If i am not wrong this product will stop production august 2014.

    TR 90 (Nu skin) : i was pregnant last year and weighed about 67.5 kg prior delivery after delivery and confinement i weighed about 60 kg then my brother recommended me this new product of new skin which is an improved version of TRA , i took it after stopped EBM. It says to lose weight same as TRA till i found out that it needs to combine with exercise and i was like . coz i brought it then i found out and felt real waste of money for me that i should have used TRA instead but i am still on it till now and again lazy me with no exercise lost 3 kg still still waiting the old me to be back.

    (* i am not selling nu skin products, i am just sharing but my brother is so if interested pm me i will intro my brother or his upline which i brought the TR90 from. )

    Xando slim pills : I brought this prior trying TRA , took it for 3 months but no visible results but that's for my own experience.

    Xando tummy trim :
    Can't remember when i brought this just wanted to try as my tummy have no those nice contour and slight flabby. Its a great product i used with results that my tummy does not look flabby and looks more toned.

    (* I am not selling xando both above was brought from guardian)

    Usana weight lost program : I tried Usana weight lost program which comprise of their multivitamins (essentials and grape seed extract) , it didnt work for me but my friend lost a few kg using it prior to her wedding.

    (* I am a distributor for usana so pm me if you interested to try)

    S & S ViVi 6 : I tried this product prior TR90, find that it does not help me lost weight but more like weight maintenance.

    (* my sis in law is selling this and to note this is not MLM product info at Unique-Bio if interested)

    This is my slimming product journey that i have tried of course this is not all the products i have tried but others i cant remember the product names and stuff some are japan products chitosan and like slimming centers that do treatment does not cut for me and i wasted hundreds and thousands on cant complain as its stupid for me, they do not work for me as well. just to share this are all my own experience with the products any enquiry can post or pm. ladies if you have tried any products that works do share on my thread too. Thanks
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