Hi mummies,

I am quite new in here. So I might not post in the correct place. I am selling amway products and tupperware products.

But the main items i want to focus here are the supplement. For amway (Amway - Malaysia Official Site) they have a few range of supplements for the kids and adults. One of the few popular ones are the NUTRILITE Bio-C Plus , Omega for adults and NUTRILITE Chewables Natural C and NUTRILITE Chewables Calcium Magnesium for kids.

Also, the now trend is to take tupperware famous supplement for kids and adults - Colostrum + DHA chews (Tupperware Brands - Simply Good Living Solutions)

As all the mummies knw here, HFMD is raising again and now, it even hit the adults (my neighbour hubby got it), so now we should start to build up our immunity, especially our children, to prevent such things from happening to them!

So if anyone is interested in any of the products, just drop me an email amway4u.sg@gmail.com, and I will reply your queries.

I have let my 2 girls (age 4 and 2) in taking a mixture of supplements (kiasu parent) and notice that they are having less flu and getting less sick in school.

I would like to share these benefits to all of you here. Won't you rather spend a few dollars in getting something good for your kids, then waste the $$ on bringing your children to the pediatrician, which can cost a few hundreds dollars per trip?

I learnt my lesson and I am saving the $$ to get more supplements for my princesses!