I got this from a friend. Just share with you guys. Happy reading! :-)

Dear graduate of Ultimate S.l.i.mming Intensive workshiop (USP-i),

How are you?

As I am writing this email, I think of every face of yours, the laughter
and every moment we enjoyed in our Ultimate S.l.i.m.ming Intensive
workshop (USP-i).

I hope you have started to practise what you have written down in
your very own Autopilot S.l.i.m.ming Program.

Two weeks ago (5/6/2010), I visited Singapre Expo (I am sure you know too,
great John Little sales and of course a few other interesting exhibition),
I happened to meet one of our participants.

And guess what! He shared with me that he lost 3kg in 2 weeks
time and he did it unintentionally. Yes, you read it correctly!
3KG IN 2 WEEKS! Amazing, isn't it?

(Ha ha, some of you probably grinding your teeth saying why he is so
lucky?) Many of you have tried for years, but he did it in 2 weeks.

Do you guys want to know his SECRET?? He was sharing with
me by practising what we did during the "Kaizen" session, and that is
all it takes. He happened to walk more for the past two weeks!

Many of you may have these thinking:-
(1) may be he is lucky
(2) may be he is younger than you
(3) may be he has more time
(4) may be he is easy to lose weight but you are exceptional..
or what ever reasons (little voice) you could come up with...

and my version is may be he happened to participate FULLY during the
workshop (which I think he did) that he benefit most. He volunteered
to help us do the counting.

I am sure you will remember during the end of the workshop before we
"penned" down our Autopilot S.l.i.m.ming Program, we did a very important
activity -- visualisation?

Its my belief that our subconscious mind is more powerful than we thought.
Our subconscious mind will guide us to the goal we want if we FOCUS on
our specific goal (I shared with you what happened during my slimming
journey at the workshop). This is one of the important factor towards yours
success of s.l.i.m.ming and be slim sustainability.

For those who had started to practise what you "penned" down in
your Autopilot S.l.i.m.ming Program, congratulations!
Keep it up and FOCUS on
your HEALTH/S.L.I.M.MING goal.

Remember, in our workshop, we shared that the number 1 and 2 reasons
people failed to l.o.se weight?

If you are distracted from your Autopilot Plan, you might want to re-examine
your number 1 and number 2 reasons. :-)

As in our motto,
and MIND, BODY and SOUL wellness"

For those who want to review your learning, our next Ultimate S.l.i.m.ming Intensive
Workshop is on

19th June (Saturday) or
20th June (Sunday)


If you need to come for review and get more CLARITY (POWER), please
arrange with Li Huan (90662770) or email

We will be sharing more about what he did and what the doctors said.

Please pass this information to those you think might benefit from the workshop.

Stay Healthy and Stay Awesome
Peng Tatt
Beacon LOHAS ~ your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner

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