Hi all,

Well, all I can say TRA 3 months program works really good as long as you follow strictly to your diets. Not to ask you to starve, but to eat healthy. It is worth every cents you paid for.

I have heard of other brands - but mostly those are to help you to reduce weights (oh yes, sounds like a deal), but not your FATS and doesn't teach you to eat right. Hence, you will still gain back your weight, or even fatter. However, this doesn't apply to TRA.

Honestly, I was very skeptical (i'm sure many people do) about all the products from MLM.. I heard of Amway and all, but was never interested.. until I came across Nuskin.

It's always good to find out more yourself and try it so you know how it works.

You may PM me should you require more detailed information. I can be at your convenience to explain. Or we can always share our thoughts here!

Cheers to TRA, and eating right!