I'm selling a post-natal jamu slimming treatment package from Spa Rael. You can easily search for them online.

They are located in Orchard Road, at Goodwood Park Hotel. There are 6 treatments in total, which include 6 x 60 minutes of manual treatment massage and either 6 x steam room or thermal blanket wrap after the treatment. The massage uses with traditional jamu oil made from 24 herbs. You can also choose to have the Natura Bisse cream (instead of jamu oil) for the 60 minutes massage (Natura Bisse is used in the Oscars and Golden Globes).

This is a spa in Goodwood Park Hotel and the service and staff are great. I was with them pre-natal and post-natal. I bought 2 packages and have finished 1, and it was so effective, I didn't need the 2nd package, so I am selling it.

It usually costs $2000 for the 6 treatments package at Spa Rael. I am selling at 50% off - $950 only. For all 6 treatments. No more to pay. Pay in cash or bank transfer.

Please PM me for details or if interested. There is no expiry date to the package. or email mahjong9 at yahoo dot com

Thank you

p/s: * this is not a sexual service