Dear Mummies,

Give yourself a priceless gift by spending 30 minutes of your time with us for the most important subject: YOU and your best friend.

We guarantee that YOU and your best friend will be transformed at the end of the chat which we promised it to be humorous and informative.

Date : 26th November 2011

Time : 2.30pm
Venue : 6, Ubi Road 1, #06-01 Wintech Centre Singapore 408726

You will learn almost EVERYTHING about YOUR BEST FRIEND'S VISIT.

For example on facts like:-

- WHY women are CLUELESS about this important and yet often neglected topic?
- WHY women are taking M.C. during their period?
- WHY women are suffering in silence with itch, rash, odour, coloured discharge, infections & moodiness?
- WHY women feel tired during their period?
- WHAT causes all these?
- HOW to choose a GOOD NAPKIN and how much is too much a visit.
- HOW many pieces of napkins an average woman uses within 30-40 years of her entire life time?
- KNOW WHAT is your napkin MADE OF?
- CAN your current napkin BREATHE?
- WHY the normal napkin leaks?
- HOW often should you change your napkin?

This talk by Ms Elisabeth Tan, who has her own business consultancy firm and is also an active health and motivational speaker, will enlighten you on all the above issues and you will get to know a very unique product that is PSB certified which DEFINITELY transform your life forever and of course to those that are dear to you as well. Everything learned will be forever yours to use and pass on.

See you there.
Be Transformed. Period.

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Thanks for your support and hope to see you there.

Warmest Regards,
Lee Lay Peng
Alchemy Ambassador
Mobile: 91054078