Now iPhone accessories is a must to your iphone whatever the new one or the old one. It help you to enhance and upgrade the look and functionality of your iPhone, And if you choose the right accessories for your iPhone you will really stand out in a crowd. You will come across a wide array of them in the market.Most common iphone charger battery pack are bluetooth headsets, bluetooth car kit,charger, iphone cases, date cable and iphone stereo.But how would you know that the iphone 4 charging docking station that you are purchasing are good enough to suit your requirements? The following tips guide you purchasing them.First consider your requirements prior to purchasing iphone. You might desire to improve your iPhone's configuration, append hand-free car kit, or upgrade its look. According to your requirements, you will buy the suitableiphone accessories. For example: You want to listen or call to someone when you are diving, you will need to buy the hand-free car kit. Aother,you will buy iPhone case if you want to protect your iPhone from cratched and damaged from objects in your pockets or purse. Though your iPhone comes with a standardized dock, you might love to acquire improved docking options. In that instance, you can always think of replacing your standard iphone battery backup charger with improved models. Then you can buy the iPhone Dual Dock to attach a Bluetooth with your iPhone.After analyzing your requirement, you need to visit some different shops online and evaluate the prices and quality they are selling. If you are lucky enough, You will find some shops which supply the original iphone accessories at the lower price.You also can read some reviews about various best iphone docking station and supplies, so that you can get an idea about their features and where you can buy. With so many similar iphone accessories on the market, it would certainly cost many time to read and learn about them from the reliable sources and then judge for yourself on their suitability.Find out the proper iphone accessories and where you can get one