Kids learn ABC is a fun and educational application, which is designed to educate as well as to entertain, help children learn English quickly and effectively. With this intelligent game, your kids will remember new word better and pronounce correctly, develop their memory skills.
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- This game has four fun activities : learn ABC, correct image, puzzle, quiz.
* “Learn ABC” : learn effectively 26 letters of the English alphabet and related words. Each letter come with a lovely picture, the letter and related words will be pronounced.
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* “Correct image” : find image relating selected letter.
* “Puzzle” : Move the pieces to the right place in order to recreate the letter. You can check children of memory.
* “Quiz” : arrange letter to make meaningful words, check kids of vocabulary.
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- With colorful and attractive image, this game certainly makes learning more fun for yours babies, develops children of observation, concentration. Being so much fun, it also will keep their attention for a long time.
Ursa Kids- we always create the best fun and educational game for kids.
Let's play this fun and educational game!
* How to download: Click on the following link: or you can seach Google Play -> Ursa Kids -> Kids learn ABC- App for kids.
* Game icon:
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