1.Press page where a link is not loose, a small information bubble will pop up, telling you the link to the real point of the site.
2.iPhone version of the safari browser web pages are sometimes encountered in the middle of a region is rolling, but you want to drag your finger to find the entire page is scrolling, and instead you want to scroll the plot area. The solution is to use two finger drag that place.
3.iPhone main limitation is the iPhone and notebook applications can synchronize your Mac, what software will not work (their writing another operator). Has a solution: Each contact has a notes area, so you can create a fake address book contacts, and then paste the contents of any of you like to it in the comments area. After the first synchronization, all information on all at your fingertips.
4.iPhone map application to control the most important application is informed of the direction. Starting location and destination have the bookmark icon, so you can search for locations and quickly use a bookmark function, the current location, or contacts. Maps on the iPhone the first thing you do is find the address and cook your own bookmarks - this can make it easier to find locations.