want to sell( All Brand New )
Recommendedanti-aging skincare & Nutrients
1)LuminesceCellular Rjuvenation Serum.Retail:$183.41Now$130 only!
2)LuminesceDaily Moisturing Complex. Retail:$96.29.Now $75Only!
3)Luminesce Essential Body Renewal.
Retail:$85.73.Now$65 Only!
4)LuminesceUltimate Lifting Masque.
Retail:$96.29.Now$75 Only!
$1.90per sachet ( Min 5 sachets )/$85(Whole Box )
6)Finiti.(Pls email to discuss price)
7)Reserve.Retail:$183.41.Now $135Only!
8)Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser.
Retail:$64.61.Now $50 Only!
9)LuminesceAdvanced Night Repair.
Retail:$138.51.Now$100 only!

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