Hi all,

I'm looking to let go of some of my facial sessions as I can't afford them anymore, having more commitments piled on

Currently have:

1. 100% Botanical Living Cell Facial (S$200 per session)
2. Scrubber Treatment (S$250 per session)

Looking to let go up to 5 times of each treatment.

100% Botanical Living Cell Facial
Pleasure your skin to a gentle treatment that improves the condition of sensitive skin and rebuilds the skin's natural defence system. Our Cellular Immunity Relieving Living Cell
Treatment penetrates instantly to reactivate your skin's immune functions and relieves inflammation. In addition, it restores the pH balance and strengthens hydration functions of the skin, resulting in healthy-looking skin.

Cleanse your way to clearer skin, gently removing dead skin and clearing up clogged pores using state of the art machine to scrub.

For more details, please email me at minminmei1988@gmail.com or WhatsApp me at 81184250

Thank you!