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Am I a bad mother?

This is a discussion on Am I a bad mother? within the Year 2012 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; My baby is 6 weeks old today. I had a wondeful CL to help me out during the first month. ...

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    Am I a bad mother?

    My baby is 6 weeks old today. I had a wondeful CL to help me out during the first month. She did everything and more. I let baby sleep with her at night cos she said I needed as much as rest as possible. Then she left and my nightmare began. baby couldn't sleep peacefully thru the night. Everytime she gets up for feeding and changing, she will cry like mad and she's extremely loud and forceful. I couldnt calm her down at all. I did everything my CL taught me but still no use.

    I was very stressed and have not had a good night sleep since last week. Then my mom helped me out, left the baby with her to sleep at night and somehow she's calmer again. I cried every night in bed cos I really dont know how to feed my baby properly. She's always struggling with me and changing too. She screams her head off.

    I dont wanna cause her anymore distress so I decided to let my mom take care at night while I get some sleep. But I will wake up when she does to help make milk and be with her. While in the day, I will do household chores instead of my mom. Am I a bad mother for not taking care of my baby at night?

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    Am I a bad mother?

    I think you are just thinking too much. your baby cries for a reason and she's too young to recognise ppl. Babies start to reject strangers after 6 months like that. your baby has been spending time with your CL and she didn't fuss when your mom takes care of her right? My boy cries too in the middle of the night when my hubby changes his diaper because he's hungry. Maybe you might want to feed her first then change her diaper. Try to gently rock your baby, make shushing sounds, let baby lie on your chest, pat her back... Btw, are you giving your baby FM or breast milk? I am on TBF and it helps me to bond with my son.

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    Re: Am I a bad mother?

    dont think too much .. your not a bad mother , as a first time mom , maybe your just not used to it .. cheer up !!

    as time goes by , you can slowly pick up the pace and know how to handle your baby .. =)

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    Am I a bad mother?

    your being too hard on yourself, it really is overwhelming .. Stay away from negativity, or postnatal depression will consume you, and it's not something to take lightly .
    you have to calm down, have lots and lots of patience .. I was a single mum before, and I know how tough it can get . Never let anybody bring you down, you brought a life to this world, it was exhausting !
    Take small steps at a time, maybe you can sleep w your mum and baby .. When your ready, then take baby to sleep with you without mum .

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