In the afternmath, Bill and Eric realize they?ve been pawns of Salome and Nora.

Weeds Season 8 Episode 11 All Salome wants is power, he says. But Salome says she wants to share power. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 ?Too much blood has been spilled in the singular pursuit of power, but why, when Lilith gives us more than enough to go around?? Russell looks heavenward, adopting a pose of pretend piety ? love it. Eric makes it clear he?s not interested. Bill seems to consider, but ultimately he says he still believes mainstreaming is the only way both humans and vampires can survive together. Salome says she?ll give them until tomorrow to reconsider their stance. The next night, Salome gathers all the (surviving) chancellors, Russell, Steve Newlin, the child-eating nurse, Bill and Eric in the chamber where Lilith?s blood is stored. Salome tells them all that because Roman turned his back on Lilith,

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