I do not know if I can handle any more bad news on this pregnancy. Anyway it is about to come to an end soon...
Since I will really like to conceive again, I will like to seek your advice on confinement after D&C.

Please advise the following:
1. Any good confinement tingkat to recommend?
2. How to use "Mu Ju"rice wine to bath?
3. Is there any supplements or vitamins I should take to nurse back my health and also meant for future pregnancy?
4. Is it true we cannot do housework at all? There is only 2 of at home...so I need to do some planning.
5. Chicken Essence - which is better to take , the original favor or other favor (e.g cordyceps or tang kwei)?
6. When to take Bai Feng want after the D&C (I usually buy from Eu Ren Seng)? Take for how long?

Thanks a lot....