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First, Jason suggests that it was only her blood that made him want her, Watch Taken 2 Online and then he begs her to erase their night together Jessica's reminder that she can't forget what happened, that no Premiere one can glamour her, points out yet another consequence of being immortal. Her anger and hurt lead her to embrace her violent side. Forget the human stuff, now she just wants to feed. That dramatic change feels utterly supported by Watch Skyfall Online what happened in the back of Jason's truck.
Premiere In the very first scene, we say goodbye to Forgetful Eric. Just as he's about to kill Bill at the Tolerance Rally -- which was thrown into chaos when Martonia sent her vampire Dexter Season 7 Episode 2 zombies on a murderous Bones Season 8 Episode 4 rampage -- Sookie blasts him with 2,000 volts of FaerieLight. She not only gets him away from Bill, but also returns his memories in a (literal) flash.
Dexter Season 7 Episode 2 That's also the subtext Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 1 of the Jessica/Jason affair, which is beautifully handled. They both feel bad about betraying Hoyt, but Jason's guilt is blended with a need to forget, to avoid seeing himself as a man-whore, and that desire to escape his own actions hurts Jessica.
How interesting, too, that Jason bounced back so quickly from How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 3 getting raped in Hotshot, but he's being eaten alive by the guilt of what happened with Jessica. I dont't love Dexter Season 7 Episode 2 that Hotshot has been forgotten -- I've made that clear -- but I do appreciate seeing Jason have Premiere to deal with something. As with Sookie, consequences make the stories matter.