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the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking

This is a discussion on the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking within the Year 2012 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Then there's the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking Meanwhile in the prison, the survivors are dealing with a ...

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    the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking

    Then there's the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking

    Meanwhile in the prison, the survivors are dealing with a lot of trouble. Dexter Season 7 Episode 6 First of all, there's the fact that someone axes open the gate, so they have to do some more walker killing?and everyone's in on that, Homeland Season 2 Episode 6including Lori. Then there's the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking to their deal of staying inside their assigned cellblock. Who's messing with them? Who axed open the gate? Will Rick kill these other two prisoners The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 6 before the episode's over? But is the most disturbing part of the promo what's lying on the ground towards the end of it?After "Walk With Me" focused on Andrea and Michonne's introduction to Woodbury and the Governor, this next episode is going to show both groups and what's next?and there's reason to think that both the prison and Woodbury are not safe. Michonne was being very waryepisode TheWalking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 and episode 2 saw the group find a few inmates still alive in the prison. Both those topics will be raised next week.


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    Re: the fact that Axel and Oscar aren't sticking

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