Harold Perrineau joined the cast in May as the villain Damon Pope.

Check this out too! From the producer of The Shield comes Sons Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 6 of Anarchy, a drama that follows the lives of members a community watched over by a motorcycle club who strive to protect the town from newcomers and all that may be a threat to it.
However, loyalty to the club is tested when lawlessness begins to run rampant.
Sons of Anarchy information! Dexter Season 7 Episode 3 Season 5: Season 5 premiered on September 11, 2012. On Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy YouTube channel Sutterinksoa, he has stated that he has begun writing scripts for episodes one and two for season five as of March 1, 2012.
It was announced that Chuck Zito would be joining the cast of Sons as a nomad traveling through Charming.
Another announced cast addition for season five is Supernatural Season 8 Episode 3 Jimmy Smits. Smits, known for his work in L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, The West Wing and Dexter will play a Latino gang leader and a mentor to Jax.