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Premiere Meanwhile, the Tolerance bloodshed reveals something Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 that we've been speculating about for a while: Marnie is the one who loves the violence and power, while Antonia is starting to feel guilt.! That schism gets clarified a few scenes later when Antonia Bones Season 8 Episode 4 leaves Marnie's body and they have a little chat. I love that Antonia is the one who wants to be a healer and Marnie's the one who insists that neither people nor vampires deserve pity. Premiere It reminds me of Marnie's line from a few weeks ago, when she asked to be left alone with the dead in MoonGoddess. She's been broken by life, and that can make someone dangerous.Dexter Season 7 Episode 2
Yet I feel sympathy for Dancing with the Stars Season 15 Episode 5 her, you know? That's partly because of Fiona Shaw's performance and partly because of the scene Marnie has with Jesus later in the episode, where she explains that Antonia's spirit is making her feel powerful for the first time. If you've been rejected and abused for your entire life, then of course that would feel good. It doesn't mean you have to Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 1 start killing folks, but it does mean you're easier to understand when you do. Top marks to this entire storyline for giving Marnie, Antonia Premiere and Jesus so many new dimensions in so little time. (I was struck that Jesus turned into a demon as he forced his way through Martonia's MoonGoddess force field. He has the potential to be just as evil as Marnie, but he's choosing another path. For now.