Hi Mummies, I have decided to give up breastfeeding as my milk supply is very low. I have only used the items below for 6 days (from 5-10 Oct 2012), and some are unopened. Interested parties, kindly contact me at 98794119.

1. Freestyle Breast Pump - $600

2. 2x Calma Milk Bottles (Unopened) - $25 each

3. Breastmilk Storage Solutions (Unopened) - $100

consists of 6x 150ml bottles, 6x labeling lids, 6x 80ml bottles&lids, 20x Pump&Save bags, 1x storage tray.

4. GNC Fenugreek, expiry Dec '15 (Unopened) - $20

Free Pigeon Breast Pads for all purchases.