Have you parents ever send your kids to tuition centres? I dont't trust tuition centres at all! Cause I find that they do not follow closely to individual student's needs and somehow, the students have to catch up very quickly with the rest of the smarter students. I dont't think this should be the way students' learnt. Weaker students should learn at their own pace depending on each student's learning capacity.

For me, I decided to transfer my child from attending classes at tuition centres to private home tuition. I was rather skeptical as to whether to proceed on to hiring a private tutor for my son because it was my first time doing so but I decided to go on with it.

Even better, my son's first private tutor was recommended by my friend so I somehow felt much comfortable hiring someone my friend knows. She has been teaching my son for 8 months since the end of last year till now.

she spent December brushing up on my son's mathematics.

(Side track a little.. my son's p3 school teacher was screwed up, she attended lessons only once or never almost every week. I'm not too sure why she's still working in my son's school. Hence, my son's results deteriorated drastically from his A grade in P2 to a failing grade in P3. My son has no idea what is going on in his P3 mathematics despite attending lessons at tuition centres because they were teaching more than what my son can absorb.)

Back to the topic.. yes, she somehow "chiong" to help my son learn as much mathematical concepts/foundation. (Was pretty worried cause the knowledge of p3 math foundation will follow him up till p6). Thankfully, this tutor managed to get him back on track right before his p4 starts.

She's still teaching him and currently coping pretty well with his homework, tuition homework and revision. He's able to think broader and out of the box. I'm glad already. I would wish to recommend this tutor to every worried mummies and daddies here. I think this tutor deserved to be recommended to all of ya'll

If you wish to get the contact details of my son's tutor, email me at geralimxm@gmail.com (Do let the tutor know that you got her contact from me, geraldine -

PS: She teaches other subjects too