Hi mummies,

Just like to share with you about organic toys that we found in Sweden!

We started searching for safe organic toys when Nat, our 4 months old daughter, started putting all toys into her mouth. With numerous reports and studies about toys with dyes and plastics that are toxic, we became worried. We love her and want to give her the best. We did not want her to injest any of these harmful chemicals. Being Singaporeans residing in Sweden, we began searching for toys made in this country. Swedes are known to be child-loving and honest. Hence, we trust the products made in Sweden to be safe and of high quality.

We want to bring these wonderful Swedish made toys to parents of Singapore. Our young ones are in contact with toys more than 12 hours a day, by giving them an organic toy, we are safe-guarding their future.

EcoLeka is a blogshop based in Sweden that caters to the Singapore market. We sell exclusively made in Sweden ecological and organic toys.

As a launch promotion of our blogshop, we are giving a 10 SGD off if you order 2 items or more! Happy shopping!


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For enquiries: contact us at ecoleka@gmail.com