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Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

This is a discussion on Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby within the Year 2012 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Hi mommies and mommies to be, I am a first time mommy, excited and nervous about my newborn arriving in ...

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    Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Hi mommies and mommies to be,

    I am a first time mommy, excited and nervous about my newborn arriving in September. I am really confused as to what needs to be bought for my baby.

    I have already bought most of the big things, like the stroller, baby bed, bath tub etc. But not sure about the smaller things, like how many sets of clothes and what type of clothes, diapers (cloth or disposable), feeding bottles, blankets, toiletries etc are needed to start off. I wanna finish all my baby purchases by mid August itself so i'm all ready for my baby...

    Please help!!

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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Thank you so much Kimitsusei!! Really appreciate all the details.

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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Also, for the clothes do you think I would need to get like 10 sets of each?

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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    thank you for sharing!

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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Found this list from some forum before. Long but seems very detailed & good.

    Romper (day wear)*

    Romper (nite wear) 3~6
    "Short-sleeved top*
    Long-sleeved top*
    Romper (day)"

    Rompers are one piece wear for baby. They have day and nite wear. Day wear is short sleeve without leggings; pull over through the head; no bottons in front, just at the bottom. Nite wear is long sleeve with leggings that covers the feet, buttons in front. I recommend rompers to the 2 piece conventional wear because baby cannot untuck when they move about. Also recommend that you get this from Mothercare as their material is thicker; good for baby sleeping in air-con room. More expensive but better quality.

    Mittens 6 sets
    Try not to go for the conventional clothe mittens. Go for knit material (like our T-shirt material); these have better grip at the wrist. Babies tend to wipe their face with their hands a lot, so mittens tend to smell after awhile. Need to change them quite often. But dont't buy too many cos most parents only allow their babies to wear mittens in the 1st 2 months. After that, they'll "introduce" the hands to the baby.

    Booties 3 sets
    You can either buy booties (again dont't go for the conventional clothe material) or buy baby socks.

    Hat / cap 1
    Babies head grow pretty fast. So dont’t buy too many.

    Handkerchief 2 dozens
    Need quite a lot of hankies for milk feeding, cleaning, saliva,….etc. Not too big ones or they will be too overwhelming for the baby.

    Towels 6
    For drying the baby after bath. Size : about the size we adults use for shower. Also good for blocking baby cot from air con.

    Cotton buds 1 box
    For cleaning the outer ear after bath.

    Cotton balls (sterilized) 2~3 packs
    For cleaning baby's face/ eyes before bath & for cleaning baby's buttock after poo poo. For hardworking mummy, more economical to buy the cotton sheets in rolls. Cut them up into small pieces for use.

    Baby bath tub 1
    Baby outgrow small ones very quickly. You may want to consider getting a bigger one.

    Baby small "tub" 1
    You'll need a small container to put water for cleaning his face or buttock after his poo poo. Size 20~25cm diameter.

    Baby shower lotion 1 small bottle
    M. Alvernia use Johnson (blue bottle). Buy a small bottle becos you'll only use 2 drops a day. Also you wouldn't know if your baby is allergic to the brand, so it's best to buy a small bottle for testing first. Hospitals do not use shampoo for the hair in the initial month……..it's up to you if you want to buy a baby shampoo.

    Baby shampoo 1 small bottle

    Baby powder 1 small bottle
    I've heard that powder may cause XXXX. Up to you to believe.

    Baby powder container with applicator 1
    Only if you plan to use baby powder on your baby. Some go for the cotton applicator while others go for sponge like applicator (something like a ladies' compact powder applicator). Cotton applicator are big and probably good for big surface like the buttock. Sponge like applicator are smaller and good to apply in defined area like under the neck.....not make the powering process too powdery. Understand?

    Woodwards Gripe water 1 bottle
    This is not a form of medication. Good for colic babies / getting rid of wind.

    Ru Yi Oil 1 bottle
    Get this from any Chinese medicinal shop. Good for getting rid of wind in baby's tummy.

    Drapolene Cream 1
    Good for preventing nappy rash. You may want to ask your doctor for recommendation.

    Changing mat 1
    Good for laying the baby on it for changing after bath, poo poo,….etc.

    Wet wipes 2~3 packs
    Recommended brand : Pigeon. New parents need a lot for cleaning the poo poo. Buy some big packs and some small packs. Small packs are good for putting in the baby bag when bringing baby out……less bulky. If you plan to buy other brands, make sure they do not contain other "chemicals" / moisturiser because you wouldn't know how well your baby takes to them. I've tried other brands, some are too moist while others do not have good materials.

    Disposable Diapers 1 pack
    For new parents, go for Pampers (New born size). Do not buy too many, babies out grow them very quickly.

    Nappies / safety pins /nappy liners 1 dozen, liners 2 box (100s)
    If you do not plan to let your baby use nappies, dont't buy too many of this. Nappies can be used as pillow, blankets, wrap,….etc. But if you plan to use nappies, get 3 dozens. And if you plan to use nappies, get nappy liners as well.

    Receiving blanket 1 - provided by hospital
    You'll need this to wrap your baby in during discharge. Nowdays, these blankets comes with a hood. Also good for wrapping your baby when bringing him out. (some hospital provide,one is more than enough)

    Blanket 1
    Thermal blanket recommended. These blankets have holes and prevents suffocation. More expensive though.

    Baby cot & mattress 1
    There are a lot of good cot in the market. Shop at your preference. (Robinson have good selection) Recommend that you buy one that can allow the baby to sleep till he/she is quite old. Convert to toddler bed. Get a relative big one, dont't stinge on a small cot. Make sure you can operate the barrier with one hand. Remember, there may be times when you have to carry the baby in one hand and adjust the barrier with the other.

    Baby bumper 1 set
    These are thin cushion we lay within and around the cot to prevent the baby from hitting against the baby cot wood or jamming his legs / hands between the baby cot bars. I'd suggest that you get the 1 piece baby bumper. These have lesser "excess" point and lowers the risk of the baby jamming his/her hands or legs between the bars.

    Pillow & pillow case/ Bolster & bolster case 1
    Some fold a nappy as pillow. Babies do not know how to use a bolster as yet. Get 2 pillow case if you're getting a pillow.

    Bed sheet 2
    Get 2 for change.

    Mattress protector 1
    Can get this from Robinson. If you dont't have a mattress protector, the mattress will be soiled once the baby puke puke on it.

    Comb / brush 1
    M. Alvernia use a soft brush

    Nail cutter & nail file 1
    There are files and nail cutters for baby….smaller version.

    Baby monitor 1
    You'll need this "walkie talkie" to monitor your baby if you are in another room.

    Pacifier 1*
    Use the same brand as your bottle nipple. Note, they come in different shapes and size.

    Pacifier chain 1

    Bottles (2 short + 6 tall)
    Recommended brand : Nuk. They have air system nipple. Size : 0~6 mths (milk). You may want to buy nipples with smaller hole for the short bottle for water. Advise : get the same brand for the bottle and nipple; they fit better. The number of bottles you get depends on how often you want to wash the bottle. The fewer bottles you have, the higher your washing and sterilizing frequency. Some babies wake up very often at nite for feed..........if you do not have enough bottles, you'll end up having to wash bottles in the middle of the nite. But trust me, by then sleep became a scarce thing (low supply, high demand) so you'll gladly invest in more bottles to save the trouble and to trade for more sleep. (i'm using piegon brand... 3big, 2 small) They will use the small bottle (4oz = 120ml) for a few months at least)

    Sterilizer 1
    Recommended brand : Nuk. Whatever brand you get, make sure the bottles fit in in terms of height and width. I'm using Piegon electric sterlilzer… so far so good… very convenient!

    Baby cloth detergent 1
    Recommended brand : Kodomo. Nappy detergent (Napisan at NTUC)
    Buckets with lids 1
    Basket for baby laundry 1

    Baby dish washing detergent 1
    They are supposedly milder than the normal dish washing detergent.

    Baby bottle brush & sponge 1
    Practice having a separate washing sponge for baby's utensil. Do not use the dish washing sponge for our oily dishes.

    Ear Thermometer 1
    For babies & toddlers. Adult ones may be too big.

    Baby bag 1(neverfull)
    Any bag will do, so long as they are big enough. Recommend that you get something that is easy to carry for adult, eg harver sack.

    Thermal flask 1*
    For putting hot water when bringing the baby out

    Water container for cool water 1*
    For putting cool water when bringing the baby out

    Milk powder container 1*
    For putting milk powder when bringing the baby out. You wouldn't want to bring the whole can.
    Warmer cum carrier bag 1
    Bags/milk bottles to store expressed breastmilk

    Sarong / cushions 1 (MIM sling)
    Optional. If you plan to use the sarong, buy big cushions to lay under the sarong……just in case it snaps or the baby falls out.

    Bouncer 1
    Optional. Some babies like to be rocked a lot. I've explained that babies in general like to be rocked because that gives them the feeling that they are still in the mummy's tummy and mummy is "on the move".

    Stroller 1
    A definite must but it can come later. Make sure the stroller have more "pivot" angle…..sitting, lying position.

    Car Seat 1
    With the new ruling, you'll need this when you drive your baby home from the hospital. Make sure your car seat has pivot angles. Babies lie, toddler sit.
    Stair/door gates - ikea
    Rubber protectors for bedroom doors
    Protectors for sharp corners
    Playpen - latido $150
    Baby gym

    Changing Table 1 - no
    Optional. But they grow out it quickly. You'll soon find that bathing baby at ground level is more fun and much safer. But after C-section, a changing table is good cos mummy need not bend to change / bath baby. But I feel it's only good for the first 2 months. We had one but we kept it after 2 months.

    Potty 1
    Not so soon but some nannies potty train their babies early.

    Head/neck cushion 1
    Babies neck will only firm after 3 mths. So you might want to get a head / neck cushion for the stroller, bouncer or car seat.

    Black, white and red 1
    Optional. Toys / charts that are black white or red captures your babies attention. Their vision are not very good in the first few months and these colours help.

    Nite light 1
    Optional. You might want to have a little light in the room at nite to watch your baby.

    Music 1
    Optional. Soothing music helps baby to sleep better……..may not work for all though. Mothercare have some selection.

    Camera / film 1
    You'll need this to capture some shots at the hospital or at home. Always have them handy.

    Mosquito net 1

    Baby mobile 1
    Optional. Babies only learn how to appreciate / look at this toy display after 2 months.

    Milk powder
    Depending on what your doctor / hospital recommend.

    Basket 1
    This basket is to put all the baby essentials like diapers, powder, ru yi oil, wet wipes, cotton buds / balls,…..things that will come in handy for a clean up. dont't have to run from corner to corner to grap these things. We may be changing our baby on the master bed, on her baby cot, in another room,...etc. So it's more convenient to put her essentials in a basket or carrier instead of leaving the baby on the bed and running out to get the things elsewhere. Mothercare sells this plastic box that looks like a huge toolbox. Very handy. Alternatively you can just make use of other plastic box (from Toyogo) with lid and handle or use a cane / rattan basket, they work as well.

    Drawers (prefer with wheels) 1 - ikea/ntuc*
    Get a plastic drawer or empty some of your drawers for baby's stuffs. We didn't get these drawers, we empty some of our drawers to make way for baby stuffs.
    Baby carrier/ sling

    Sterilizing cotton 14 pieces
    Your hospital may provide this at discharge. Need this for cleaning the babies' belly button before the umbilical cord falls off.
    Sterile container for cord spirit
    Cord spirit

    Breast pump - $400
    Optional. Depending how well mummy cope with breast feeding. But for a more hassle free pump, I'd recommend you get a battery operated one. Have some spare batteries as well.

    Hanger (umbrella) 2-3
    Cos baby stuffs are small, it's good to get an "umbrella" like hanger with a lot of cloth packs on it to hang his little mittens / booties / hankies for drying.

    Ziploc bags 1 box - daiso
    I have the habit of putting her things in ziploc bag esp when going out. Put her clean and dry cloths in the ziploc bag before putting them in the baby bag. Prevent wetting every thing should your water spill in the bag. Got it?

    Plastic sheet 1
    Optional. Some mummies are afraid their waterbag may burst in the middle of the nite and wet the masterbed mattress (master bed mattress is expensive to replace). So they'll buy a plastic sheet to lay on the mattress to protect……….just in case. I think Mothercare / Guardian sell them. Only need this closing to the end of pregnancy.

    For the mummy
    1. Breast pad 1 pack
    2. Front opening nite dress 2
    3. Disposable maternity panty a few packs*
    4. Sanitary napkins
    5. Slippers 1 pair
    6. Dress at discharge 1
    7. Sweater 1 May be cold……….with all that pain
    8. Binder 1 Your doctor will advise
    9. Admission letter / doc
    10. Anti Stretchmark cream
    11. Nursing bras
    12. Nipple cream for crack nipples
    13. Pails for mum’s bathing and face cleansing.
    14. Herbal bags for bath
    For the baby at discharge
    1. Mittens & booties 2 sets
    2. Discharge apparel 1 set Romper + hat
    3. Receiving blanket 1
    4. Diaper 1 pack some hospitals do not provide diaper. You'll have to check.
    For the daddy (if staying in hospital)
    1. Camera 1 Make sure it's loaded with memary cards and battery
    2. Handphone / pager You'll have a lot to call to announce the good news.
    3. Change of clothes
    4. Slippers
    5. Handphone charger
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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Peipei - Thank you for sharing! Definitely gonna use this ... I like the details!

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    Re: Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Some items suggested in some website which I find is not necessary, I bog alrdy but never use:-
    nappy liner
    stomach binder

    Get some cloth diaper, it is very useful, can use it as baby blanket, pillow etc...

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    Please advise on what needs to be bought for a new born baby

    Hi Tannie, the nappy liner mentioned is the one used with diapers? I have not't bought it yet. Y not necessary?

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