Hi Mummies,

I have engaged Auntie Siew Hoon (SGP HP: 84203549, Msia HP: +6011 1628 4086) 2 weeks ago & it was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE AUNTIE SIEW HOON if you do not want to go into depression!

I engaged her after reading a few good reviews on her online too but she disappointed me greatly! I nearly went into postnatal blues.

On her 1st day, she was very proactive & kept telling me that she doesn't like to be free & likes to keep busy, so she offered to vacuum & mop our house. On her 2nd day, when we woke up, we saw her did our laundry and ironing so we thought she was good! Note: We DID NOT ask her to do laundry, ironing for us. She did it on her own will.

She started showing her true colors after the 1st week & flared up at me on her 8th day, saying that she was unhappy & want to leave on the day, making both my husb & I helpless as we are new parents!

Below are the trauma she caused me during the 8 days when she was with me.

1. My 4 days old baby caught a flu & vomited milk from his nostrils & mouth. Auntie Siew Hoon blamed it on the quality of my breastmilk! She said I took too sweet & heaty food and caused my baby to be heaty. She kept saying my baby is hot and shouldn't be wrapped up so much & guess what, that worsen his stuffy nose. I was so sad seeing my baby suffering from a blocked nose!

2. She kept saying my milk supply is little, cannot satisfy my baby & so, making the baby cry.

3. She offered my baby pacifier when he's crying! Have you seen a 4 days old baby taking pacifier? It's really a heartpain for me. I know it's wrong but being new, I let her do her way. :"(

4. I asked her if there is still enough cheese and bread. If not, I can get my husb to buy more bread, cheese, ham or jam so that she can have some varieties or she can cook mee sua or macaroni for her breakfast too. Then she got SENSITIVE & replied rudely, "I only took 2 pieces of cheese a week & you all are saying I eat alot!" I told her, "Auntie, I'm just asking you if you have enough to eat. I'm worried you are sick of eating bread all the time. We dont't care how much you eat as long as you feel comfortable in our house." AM I NOT being nice to her? And she became defensive & asked to go out to buy bread and biscults. I stay in a private & there isn't any supermarket or bakery within walking distance from my house, so I told her to tell me what she needs to buy & I will get my husb to help her buy. And she told me off rudely that "You condo people are so hard to serve. Next time I won't accept any assignment from Condo ppl. You guys won't even allow me to go out to buy bread. So heartless."???!!! Mummies, what did I do or said wrong??

5. She complained we stretched her to the max & made her do so many housework. BUT we didn't ask her to do housework at all! I told her I have a part time helper who comes every wednesday! And she still has the cheek to tell me that she did the ironing only out of good will. I said we did ask you to do ironing at all. WTH?!! Now she's putting ALL the blame to us for everything. I even kept asking her to go take a nap & rest whenever the baby zz....Isn't that not good to her enough?

6. Everyday she cooks almost the same dishes for my husb & me. Not much varieties & seems like she only knows fish & papaya soup can boost milk supply. Other than that, she can't make or offer to cook other dishes or soups that can help in my milk supply!

7. She complained that we treated her like a maid. Need her to bring the red dates drink to me & collect the cup after I finish. She said why can't I "zhi dong" bring the cup out to the kitchen after I finish. I thought CL's role is to help mummies recuperate & dont't make the mummies walk too much during this 1 month confinement? Is my understanding wrong? If I need to do all these, bring the cups & dishes into the kitchen after I finish & walk so much, I might as well do my DIY confinement. After all, it's my few days after delivery & my wound has not healed!!

8. On her 8th day, she asked to leave on the day itself or give me 3 days notice! OF COURSE, anyone with a sane mind would ask her to leave on the day! AND guess what, she dumped alot of unwashed baby clothes in the pail & really left me in trauma!

9. That's not the end of her. When we asked her to leave, she said we have to pay her 1 day advance payment, meaning we have to pay her salary for 9 days of work, instead of 8 days! What logic is that???! I told my husb, give the money she needs & asked her PACK & GO!

10. When my new CL came, she was shocked that my baby's umbilical cord is still intact, damp & smelly. She said it will cause infection if it is not cleaned well. My new CL felt sad for baby and me that the previous CL did not do a proper cleaning of the cord for my baby & left me depressed. My baby's umbilical cord has now dropped off just 2 days after my new CL took over, whereas Auntie Siew Hoon just gave an excuse that my baby's cord did not drop off because it is a big cord. Stupid reason!

I thought confinement is a period for mummies to recuperate & relax & be happy. But she has really left me crying & putting blame on myself.

Thankfully, I managed to engage my new Confinement Lady from my friend's recommendation. We call her "Chen Tai / Auntie Chen". She's from JB and when she heard my CL left me helpless, she immediately called me a few times to say she will come out immediately to take care of me & baby.

I highly recommend Chen Tai if you need a good CL. My milk supply has since increased from 30ml to 100ml just 1 day after she arrived. She helped me so much, cooked so well, kept talking to my baby & said "Auntie loves you, sayang you..." and encouraged me in breastfeeding.

Chen Tai / Auntie Chen's SGP HP: 84558025 or Msia HP: +6012 3840288