Merry Christmas everyone!

Despite the popularity of tablets and e-book readers, let us not lose the excitement and eagerness that books bring, as we thumb our way through pages, flip them back and forth to re-read our favourite story parts, and looking at our valuable collection on our bookshelves.

Reading habits should be cultivated from a young age as it is known to improve your child's:
- Concentration
- Language skills - vocabulary and grammar
- Imagination
- Character development (relating to characters, developing empathy etc.)
and the list continues…

Dog Ear Books offers an excellent selection of titles, carefully curated by parents and book enthusiasts – to ensure your child’s enjoyment. They are targeted at children from as young as 3 months old to around 12 years old. From cloth, board, sound, picture, hardback and paperback books, you can find a variety of experiences for your child. In addition, all prices are marked below (approx. 40% discount) original retail prices.

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Have fun reading with your kids!