Mind reading might seem like a perk, but we all know she finds it to be a burden.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 280
Jason and Jessica had a fight when he stopped by while she was feeding. He was put off by her kissing him with some other guy's blood on her breath. Given everything else that's going on, I find it hard to understand Awkward Season 2 Episode 12 why he feels angry or betrayed that she's feeding, but him shooting her in the head was kind of funny in a completely-out-of-nowhere sort of way. Awkward Season 2 Episode 12 ust one more bit of drama to add to the pile.We were treated to a few minutes too many of Arlene's wedding video. I suppose the point of the video - which had many of the main characters (sans Sookie, who was off in fairy-land at the time) - wishing Terry and Arlene well at their Merlottes-set wedding - was to show that Arlene still loves Terry and is trying to make sense of everything, but that came through in her talk with Holly. The whole segment seemed to run on a bit longer than it needed to. In an otherwise better-paced episode, a little look-back at how things were during the
Haven Season 3 Episode 1 year-long gap between Seasons 3 and 4 might have been cute and amusing, especially when noting the things that have changed (Hoyt and Jessica all coupled and happy, Sookie's absence).