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Glee Season 4 Episode 2
Whether that was real or a hallucination, I'm not sure. The bigger point seemed to be Eric's vision of glowy-white Godric, who reminded him that he knows better and to save his sister. Godric died a pacifist The Office Season 9 Episode 1 so his return here seemed fitting enough. If there was a voice of reason in Eric's head, it'd be his. Eric was left staring and drooling, but I'm assuming Godric's orders will be a thing that keeps him (and Bill) tied to the Authority for at least a few more episodes. Whether or not Nora can be saved remains to be seen.The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Everyone Else Hoyt's gone from being vampire bait to a vampire hater. He seems to have joined up with the Obama-mask-wearing hate group that's killing sups. This may put him up against Jessica, whom he claims to hate now. And against Sam, who's sniffing out these murderers when he isn't visiting with Luna at the hospital or having heart-to-heart chats with Sookie in the waiting room.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 280