That he disavows his previous statements denigrating Lilith.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 Everyone hopped on the bandwagon and took a swig of blood. Nothing will happen, right? Wrong! The entire vampire crew was unbelievably wasted and obnoxiously marched through the streets, arrogantly assaulting humans. Lilith was their GPS. Eric gave Bill a piggy back ride, and Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) hit on Russell. Not a bad match, if you ask me! The drunken mob waltzed into the middle of a wedding party at a bar and massacred everyone. Then, like a stripper popping out of a cake, Lilith herself appeared completely nude, to sing karaoke. No, there was indeed karaoke, but Lilith just walked around all nude and powerful. Nora was all for it. Godric (Allan Hyde) was not amused. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 He appeared to Eric and snapped him out of it. He pleaded

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