Hello parents! Iím a 18 year old chinese poly student earning some extra cash here. I have 2 little brother, 1 little sister and I absolutely love being around children. Of almost 4 years of experience I babysit my relativesí babies and kids, sometimes my neighbors asked for my help too. I can handle kids above 3 months old. While you are out working I can come by and take care of your kids, cook for them, clean the house and run errands if you dontít mind. Rates are only $10/hr which is way cheaper than other babysitters out there.(rates can be further discussed if interested) Will have to charge $5 for transportation fee unless you stay in the west. If interested in having me to babysit further than april, Iíll only be free in the afternoon till midnight. As for now, Iím available everyday from early morning (8am) till midnight (12am) except for thursdays and sundays. Any enquiries do send me a text at 91119763. Have a nice day and happy new year!