Hi Parents,
Are you still looking for a babysitter?
I am offering to do babysitting at My Place from 3 months onwards.

Currently I am a stay at home taking care of my 3mths old daughter. I am staying with my In-laws so I have helpers around to help up. I have alots of experiences doing Babysitting as My own mother was used to be a babysitter so I gained all my experienced from her.

Types of Cares I Provides (Diaper and Milk Powder not Provided) Solid Foods will be include.

* Monday to Friday 12 Hours Care (Time Fix by you)
* Monday to Friday 6 Hours Care
(Time Fix by you)
* Overnight Care (Days Fix by You)
* Temporary Hours Care (Days and Time Fix by You)

If you keen, do sms me at 94766784 / altezzaojs@gmail.com