Hi I am currently in my early 30s. I am available for the above service on weekdays for 3 months onwards.
Am staying at RiverVale Drive.
I do provide adhoc baby sitting services at my place strictly by appointment only
Should you need more details you may contact me at 92965116.
From 01 July 14 onwards i am able to take up to 3 children as my aunt would be helping me. (The adult child ration would be 2 adult : 4 children)
A little more details about myself on experience with children. I have being in the early childhood industry for 3 years plus and held a permanent part time position as reading specialist in I CAN READ for 4 years.
I have 2 girls, one of them is coming to 2 years old and the other one will be arriving in March. I would like to render my services to parents who need help out there. Apart from the basic needs that is cater for your child, there would be motor and cognitive skills activities to simulate your child.You may contact me to understand more.
Pet and smoke free environment. You may call and drop by for a house tour appointment. Thanks!!!