Hello all..i am DESPARATELY in need of a muslim babysitter who is able to come over to my house in Simei st 4 to take care of my 3 kids..my boys are aged 4 and 2..and my daughter is 10months old..

As im a shift worker,she only needs to take care of my kids when im on my day shift..from 7am to 7pm..so most probably she only needs to take care of them 2 to 3 times per week..

As my eldest son is attending nursery from 1pm to 4pm,she needs to send and fetch him to school so that is why i need her to take care of my kids at my own place..furthermore i cant possibly travel with 3 young kids to send to her house..

Desperately need her ASAP as my maid had ran away yesterday leaving my 10month old baby girl all alone at home with the main door open..so i'm scared to take another maid again..

I can be reached at 91813772 or you may inbox me..Thank you ladies..!!!